Injury Rates and Workers' Compensation for Healthcare Workers in PA

injured healthcare worker

Medical workers take care of people when they get hurt on the job. Yet sometimes, the roles get reversed. Doctors, nurses, physician assistants and others who work in hospitals and doctors’ offices can also get injured themselves. In fact, this profession has a surprisingly high incidence of an on-the-job injury.

If you’re a healthcare worker and you suffer a job-related injury, you may need to take time off work. You might rack up expensive medical bills and worry about how you will cover them when you’re out of work. You may also become concerned about providing for your family during this difficult time. You could also become depressed or anxious as your time off the job drags on and on. Job-related mental health issues could even force you to miss time at work in this intense, high-stress field.

You may be relieved to know you could qualify for healthcare providers workers’ comp if you have been injured on the job or develop a mental health condition related to that work. Many healthcare professionals do not realize these benefits can apply to them. An experienced workers’ comp attorney can help determine whether you qualify.

What Is Medical Workers’ Compensation?

All employers in Pennsylvania must provide their employees with workers’ compensation coverage. When something happens on the job that forces you out of work for an extended period, workers’ compensation covers some of the lost wages, medical bills and even rehabilitation you need to get back to the office or hospital.

You can file for workers’ compensation as soon as you are injured, but sometimes, claims are denied. Often, this is because an injury is misdescribed on a claim or other relevant information to your case is left out. You could also be denied if you fill out the claim incorrectly. Our healthcare workers’ compensation attorneys can help you appeal for workers’ comp coverage.

What Types of Injuries Are Common for Medical Workers?

Healthcare workers are exposed to diseases and toxins daily at work. They have to lift heavy patients and perform repetitive movements that can stress their bodies. They go about their day next to dangerous equipment, such as radiation machines and needles. They can become ill or injured in numerous ways. Some of the most common medical worker injuries include:

  • Stick injuries from needles
  • Burns from biohazardous material or exposure to radiation
  • Back, foot and leg injuries from long hours on their feet
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motion and fine motor work with surgical utensils and needles

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