Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Mechanicsburg, PA

You go to work every day expecting to come home safely at the end of your work or shift. Unfortunately, a serious injury or work-related illness can strike at any time. Do you know what you would do if you suddenly lost a day, a week or even a month of work and income? How would you pay the bills?

Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., is a law firm in central Pennsylvania specializing only in workers’ compensation cases. We put our entire focus on this one area of the law and have helped many workers who have been injured through no fault of their own get benefits for their injuries, so they don’t have to worry about supporting their families while they recover.

How Workers’ Compensation in Mechanicsburg Works

In Pennsylvania, laws require companies and employers to pay for workers’ compensation insurance for all their qualified workers. Most workers — except freelancers, volunteers and some exempt workers — do qualify for these benefits.

Workers’ comp benefits are meant to protect employees in Mechanicsburg and beyond. In the event of an injury, a workplace accident or work duties that cause or exacerbate an injury or illness, workers’ compensation pays for all necessary, reasonable medical care. Benefits also give injured workers income by paying them a part of their average wage. In cases where a worker loses a limb or loses the use of a body part, they may be able to get compensation for the loss. If a worker is killed on the job, their family may qualify for benefits.

If you’ve developed an illness related to work or have been injured at work, you have 120 days to tell your employer. In turn, your employer must report the incident or illness to their insurer. The insurance company has 21 days to tell you whether they’ve accepted the claim.

Why Do I Need a Mechanicsburg Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

In workplaces in Mechanicsburg, PA, the workers’ comp process does not always work as it should. Sometimes, legitimate claims are denied or needed benefits are delayed. In some cases, workers get confusing notices from the insurer and do not know what to do.

If you need help with your Mechanicsburg workers’ comp claim or run into any problems at all, contact Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., online or call us at (717) 695-4722 to schedule a free consultation. You can visit our offices, or we can visit your home if you’re injured. Our lawyers have a track record of recovering money on behalf of injured workers, and we focus only on workers’ compensation claims, so we have lots of experience and resources for these cases.

The team at Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., also understands that an illness or injury is a difficult time. We always treat our clients with respect and we leave no stone unturned in our search to get you the benefits you deserve. Our attorneys have trial and negotiation and experience they can put to work on your claim.