Workers' Compensation Lawyers in Williamsport, PA

You may not have heard about workers’ compensation or given it much thought until you are injured. If you have been injured in a fall at work or developed a medical condition after breathing in a toxic chemical at your workplace, you may suddenly have many questions. How can I get workers’ compensation in Williamsport? What paperwork do I need to fill out? How will I pay my bills? Maybe you have even applied and already been turned down for benefits.

The workers’ compensation process in Pennsylvania can be confusing. Worse, you’re trying to understand it while also dealing with an injury or illness. If you’re in pain, you should focus on getting better, which is why you will want to consult with a Williamsport workers’ compensation lawyer to get the benefits you deserve.

The attorneys at Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., can answer your questions, represent you if your employer refuses to pay your benefits and help you with paperwork and the claims process.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work?

In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation was created to help both workers and employers. The idea is simple: employers pay for workers’ compensation insurance for their workers. When an employee is injured, they can make a claim. The injured worker is supposed to get benefits fast, so they can focus on getting better without having to worry about filing a legal claim. Meanwhile, the insurance also protects the employer from potential lawsuits from injured workers.

In reality, it does not always work out as smoothly as it should. Plenty of instances occur where workers are misclassified, denied their benefits or even told their employer did not pay for insurance for them. In some situations, workers do not know where to turn when their benefits are late, and they can’t pay the bills.

If you find yourself injured and not sure where to turn, or if you’re having trouble getting your benefits, contact a workers’ compensation attorney at Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C.

Employers and insurance companies may take your case more seriously when you have representation, and our attorneys can handle any issues with benefits so you can focus on your health.

How Working With a Williamsport Workers’ Compensation Attorney Makes a Difference

It can be a huge relief to know a team of experienced attorneys is by your side. If you have any problems with workers’ compensation claims, you know you have professionals who can help. If your benefits are denied or delayed, attorneys can work to ensure you get the money you need. If an insurance company tries to avoid paying for a treatment you require, your attorneys can ensure you get the medical help you need without worrying about paying for it yourself.

Being injured is stressful enough. Don’t spend your time trying to get a crash course in workers’ compensation, too. If you have a problem with your Williamsport, PA, workers’ comp claim, contact Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., online or call us at (717) 695-4722 for a free consultation.