Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Allentown, PA

Being injured on the job can lead to a lot of headaches and problems. Not only are you in pain and unable to return to work, but you may have high medical bills to worry about. You may wonder how you’ll keep food on the table and make all your payments each month, especially if you’re not sure when you can return to work. On top of that, you may need to travel to see doctors and go through complicated — and expensive — treatments.

Allentown workers’ compensation is meant to help you get some financial support in the form of wage loss and medical benefits, which help you replace some of your lost income and allow you to pay for medical care. If you’ve never filed for workers’ compensation, however, the process can be intimidating. The attorneys at Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., focus only on workers’ compensation cases and can help you classify your injuries correctly, fill out the paperwork and address any delays or problems that could arise.

Why Do I Need Workers’ Compensation in Allentown?

If you are injured at work, get a disease because of your work or find an existing condition worsening because of your work duties, you may need to miss time at work. You may also need medication or medical treatment. Without workers’ compensation, you would pay for all these costs out of pocket, no matter how much time you missed.

If you are an employee in Allentown or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, your employer pays for your workers’ comp benefits. All companies and employers in Pennsylvania are required by law to carry and pay for this insurance on behalf of all qualifying employees.

If you are injured, you should get emergency medical help first if you need it. You must also report your injury to your place of work. You have 120 days in Pennsylvania to let your employer know you’ve been injured. After you have reported the injury, your employer will report the injury to their insurer, and you will receive a notice telling you whether you will get benefits.

Why Call an Allentown Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Sometimes, even workers who should get workers’ comp benefits are denied. In some cases, employers don’t get coverage for their workers or delays happen. Sometimes, employees are misclassified, or the paperwork has some mistakes.

No matter the cause, if you’ve been denied benefits and feel you qualify or encounter delays or problems during the process, contact Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., online or by calling (717) 695-4722. We can arrange a free case evaluation and even travel to your home if you can’t make it to our offices in Harrisburg.

Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., serves the entire central Pennsylvania area, including Harrisburg, Hershey, York, Carlisle, Chambersburg and the surrounding towns. We’ve helped workers from all industries receive fair benefits for their injuries. If you’ve been hurt at work and are worried about how you will pay the bills, reach out to our team. We focus only on workers’ compensation, so we have plenty of experience with these cases.