Leah Tomlin

“Matt Kaminsky is an absolute pleasure to work with! He knows what he’s doing and is truly all about his clients. If you ever have a work injury don’t ever go to anyone else. He truly is the best.”

Dave, Harrisburg, PA

“For anyone who might be considering a Worker’s Compensation attorney: One year ago I fell down and broke my ankle while on the job. Two days later I was discharged by my employer. Was it fair no; is that legal in Pennsylvania yes. If your employer can cite poor performance as the reason for your dismal you are going down like a ship that has just been torpedoed.

Immediately I called my family attorney who personally recommended Ron Calhoon. I was impressed by the swift response I received from my inquiry. I think Ron must sleep with his cell phone because it is not unusual to receive messages via email or text at the oddest hours of the night.

I cannot imagine being more pleased with the outcome of my case. My life has taken a new more fruitful direction as a result of with Ron. I am so grateful and thankful the Ron Calhoon and his staff were working for me.“

Cody Brown, Five Star Google Review for Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., in January 2019

“Eric was extremely helpful and made sure I understood everything and made the process a lot easier for me. He gave me all the information to make an educated decision.”

A D, Google Review for Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., in December 2018

“Eric Lamprey was very professional with his legal counsel with my workman’s compensation case. I felt confident with his counsel and guidance throughout the legal process. I would highly recommend him”

Angela, December 10, 2018 AVVO Review

“Very professional and thorough in representation. I truly appreciate Mr. Lamprey’s time and dedication in representing me. He also wisely counseled me throughout the legal process of my workman’s comp case. I highly recommend him as a thorough and professional attorney.”

Blaine, December 4, 2018 AVVO Review

“Awesome attorney from beginning to end!!! I had a really hard case against a huge employer group, and Ron settled with enough for me too buy my dream home outright!”

Brenda Baxter, Five Star Google Review for Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., in November 2018

“Eric Lamprey was very respectful and responded to all my questions quickly. He explained things in full detail so I was able to understand the process better. The trauma & pain is a lot to handle so having someone to help you with the legal aspect takes some burden off.”

Jake, September 14, 2018 AVVO Review

“I was injured on 11/18/2017 hauling bulls one struck a gate and hit me in the head I proceeded to work a month then had issues once I got home the workers company denied my claim, I then contacted Matt Kaminsky and had a meeting with him and Eric Lamprey they reviewed my case and said I definitely need an attorney so I hired them on the spot.

Throughout my case of having an m.t.b.i I know I was hard and unreasonable to deal with at times he stood by my side and assured me he was fighting hard for my rights and he did he helped me get treatment I needed sent letters to the doctors stating that the case was in litigation and to hold the bills so it didn’t destroy my credit, my treating neurologist even told me he did an excellent job during questioning in his deposition on my behalf. My case took some turns in fighting this worker comp company and dealing with them was definitely no easy task. Throughout the case from start to finish Mr. Lamprey did an excellent job informing me how things were and changes happening even all the way up to the mediation hearing for settlement and in negotiating skills he advised me that in my position the settlement was the best way to go and he got the amount awarded in settlement close enough to where we were even with an early release from my doctor. I would give a reference to have anyone hire Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., for worker comp representation and Mr. Lamprey is also very professional in his ways as well.”

Bridget, January 9, 2018

“After being unable to work, and being sick from a work incident caused an enormous amount of problems physically and emotionally. The day I got in contact with Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., Mathew Kaminsky called me back and I knew I found the right lawyer for me. After talking we knew my case was rare, but he was confident and willing to fight for my case. He was very knowledgeable about the whole process, quick to return my calls, and/or emails with any questions I had, and was always very kind. If you are looking for a lawyer who really cares and will work hard in helping you with your case, Matthew Kaminsky is the perfect person for you!”

Anonymous, December 10, 2017 AVVO Review

“I hired Esquire Kaminsky to assist with my Worker’s Compensation case in January of 2017. I was impressed with his quick response to my inquiry for guidance in helping me to determine whether I had a case to pursue. After our first telephone contact, Attorney Kaminsky was understanding and patient when I requested to meet him face-to-face to clarify some of the information before I retained him as my counsel. After that initial meeting, it was evident that Matt was dedicated to advocating for me and my rights as a worker injured on the job. He was open and honest from the beginning and this immediately put me and my husband at ease. Throughout my case, Matt was prompt to return calls and kept me abreast of any filings or procedures that needed to be completed. My case was settled in less than 10 months with a settlement that reflected his hard work and dedication to my individual situation. Thanks Matt and your team for working for my rights.”