Workers’ Comp and Smoking and Being Overweight: the New Blame Game

Did you know that the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry recently did a study on the link between certain careers, an employee’s obesity and potential to be a smoker? Truckers, movers, firefighters and policemen and women are the most likely to be obese. Doctors, teachers and scientists are the healthiest. The purpose of this study was to identify a need of workplace obesity prevention programs. The hope is that once these target professions are identified, this information can be used for prevention purposes. Interestingly enough, truckers were also amongst the highest percentage of employees that smoked. It is felt that truckers are influenced by the availability and convenience of food choices that they have available to them while working.

The full study can be found here:

Obesity and smoking can also be factors in your ability to fully recover from a work injury. If you were injured at work and still have not recovered from that injury, contact an experienced Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation attorney right away. Defense attorney and IME doctors have recently been trying to blame ongoing disability on these factors in efforts to terminate benefits. Steps can be taken to help avoid these tactics before they happen.