Work Injury Hazards for Emergency Crews on Interstates and Highways

It is extremely hazardous for emergency crews to respond to accidents, whether a work injury or not, on highways, such as Interstate 81 in Dauphin and Lebanon Counties, Pennsylvania. Vehicles traveling along the highway are traveling 65 mph, and rarely slow down when they see the flashing lights. Rubber necking and a driver failing to pay attention also play a factor for the safety of the emergency crews, as they must pay attention to not only the accident victims but what is happening on the highway around them. Often times, emergency crews have difficulty in quickly locating an accident, as the 911 caller did not accurately describe the mile marker and/or accident location, which wastes valuable time in responding to an accident. Emergency crews are limited as to where they can enter the highway or turn around while on the highway.

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Source: AP News, January 17, 2011