Why You Should Never Fire Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer Without Talking With Your Lawyer

We frequently receive inquires from injured workers who want to hire our law firm because they are upset with their workers’ comp lawyer. They feel like nothing is happening in their case, they sense their attorney is not aggressive enough, and may not know what is happening.

Sometimes, this is merely due to miscommunication. We encourage the individual to call and schedule an appointment to talk with their existing lawyer.

Some problems can be fixed with better communication and understanding.

Communication is always the key to a great outcome.

The first thing that you should do is ask your workers’ compensation lawyer about the procedure. In PA, you will be scheduled for pre-trial, several status hearings, hearings where evidence and testimony is actually presented, and possibly a mediation or settlement conference. When all of the evidence is in, the Judge will ask for legal briefs and the lawyers have usually 30 days to submit those. Thereafter, you can expect a decision in three months.

You should have reasonable expectations about what you may achieve. Let your lawyer know what you want after your lawyer has explained all that you may be entitled to in the long run or big picture.

Understand that a workers’ comp case can take months or years to resolve and make a plan. Some cases never resolve. We have some rare clients that we won compensation for decades ago and they still receive weekly compensation checks.

Don’t expect automatic updates as the workers’ comp system is slow. We do everything to speed it up when it is in our client’s best interest. Most of the work we do the client is unaware of it. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer that cares will contact you at each critical stage in your claim and will let you know when to appear at a hearing, what to expect at each hearing and prep you for the hearing. If you want an update, simply ask to schedule a telephone conference with your workers’ comp lawyer. Or just simply email your lawyer for a quick update.

Let your lawyer know if you have a problem. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer can put you in the best position to win your case. But you must make your concerns known.

We strongly encourage you to speak with your current lawyer before contacting our office. If you cannot continue with your existing lawyer, we will be happy to evaluate your case.

If you switch lawyers, the total maximum attorney fee in any workers’ compensation case is 20%. By changing lawyers, your attorney fee does not increase. The attorneys will have to work out splitting the 20% between them.

Attorneys do differ. They differ in their knowledge of the law, skills, competency, integrity, and the reasons why they represent injured workers. Intent matters.

To speak with one of our workers’ comp lawyers, call 877-291-WORK (9675) for a free consultation.