PA Social Security Lawyer Explains the Basics of Disability Benefits Social Security Disability covers a broad range of cases, including injuries that did not happen at work. If you have been unable to work because of a condition, such as heart disease, cancer, back injury, etc., an experienced attorney may be able to help.

Anything that prevents you from "substantial gain from employment" for a period of at least one year could qualify you to receive benefits. In this video, a PA Social Security lawyer explains that there are no hearings at the initial level, but if you are denied, you can appeal the case and bring it before an administrative judge. These cases, which are processed by the Social Security Administration, are unique and can be complicated.

If you have missed work because of an injury, we may be able to help you secure benefits. At Calhoon & Associates, we have educated many workers of their rights and helped them obtain the money they are entitled to. Call our office today at 877-291-9675 or visit for a free case evaluation with an experienced PA Social Security lawyer.


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