How To Act At Your Workers’ Compensation Trial? into a courtroom trial can be a very nerve-racking experience, even if you have absolutely nothing to hide. You may be scared that you'll say something wrong or may be shaky and nervous in front of the judge.
In this video, PA workers' compensation lawyer Ron Calhoon of the law firm of Calhoon&Associates explains why it is so important to be yourself in a courtroom. You shouldn't try to impress anyone and should always tell the truth. The judge will be able to see through an inauthentic façade. On that same note, they will also be able to tell if you are being genuine and truthful.
If you have suffered a debilitating work injury, you need a lawyer on your side. No matter how nice your employer's doctors and attorneys seem, you must always remember that they are not fighting for you. The law firm of Calhoon& Associates has helped numerous workers obtain the compensation to which they are rightfully entitled. Contact a PA workers' compensation lawyer at Calhoon& Associates by visiting or by calling 877-291-9675 today.


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