Today’s Tip for Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation: the Adjuster and Nurse Case Manager

After an injury, the insurance company will attempt to contact you. They may appear to be interested and may even ask how you are doing, but do not be fooled. Each and every contact by the insurance company is designed to try to obtain free information to use against you. At some point, they will request from you an authorization that will allow them to either speak with or obtain records from your family or treating doctor. The process by which they are able to do that is by requesting your consent by having you sign a medical authorization or release. These releases, if signed at all, should be modified as narrowly as possible, including a short expiration date.

There may also be a “rehabilitation” nurse or a medical case manager nurse assigned to your case. That person’s job is not unlike the job of the adjuster. Although he or she can appear to be friendly, always remember their paycheck is signed in the lower right hand corner by the insurance company. We discourage the use of these individuals. They are the eyes and ears of the Defendant. They are paid private detectives. They will often “twist your doctor’s arm” to obtain fewer restrictions or no restrictions, even without an examination, to try to reduce your compensation. This often leads to unneeded litigation.

We believe in the injured workers’ right to the physician patient privilege and revoke any prior authorizations signed by our clients. We also ask that our clients not permit insurance company nurses or managers to have any contact with their treating physicians. Being on workers’ compensation does not make you a second class citizen needing a babysitter or private detective at your doctor’s appointments.