Pre-Approval for Treatment of a Work Injury

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Do I need pre-approval for treatment for an injury suffered while working?”

Here’s why it’s so common….after an injury at work, your doctor will likely recommend treatment but the workers’ comp insurance company indicates they need to approve it. Then they sit on the “pre-approval” request and you don’t get the medical care you need.

Here’s a little secret not many Pennsylvania workers know about… don’t need “pre-approval”. State law does not require it.

Watch the video below as Pennsylvania workers’ comp lawyer A.J. Palutis shares how to handle this issue and get the medical treatment you need.

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Video Transcription:

Hello, my name is A.J. Palutis. I am a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney.

I often receive phone calls from clients indicating the treatment that has been recommended by their doctors has been submitted to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier for pre-approval. The complaint that I receive is that there has been no response from the worker’s compensation insurance carrier and therefore their recommendations for treatment and further possible healing have been delayed. In Pennsylvania workers’ compensation, the problem arises because there is no necessity for pre-approval of any medical treatment related to a work injury in Pennsylvania. If you experience this very situation, it is best to contact a competent workers’ compensation attorney in Pennsylvania.

That attorney will be able to file what is known as a prospective utilization review in order to have the treatment with that physician and their recommendations pre-approved by a worker’s compensation judge. If you have any further questions with respect to utilization review and the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, please feel free to give me a call.