Maybe They Won’t Find Out About My Prior Injury or Condition

They will find out.

If you have had prior accidents or injuries, the insurance company WILL know about them. Attempting to hide the information could, in all likelihood, shatter your case.

Prior to injury in the workplace, most workers think that Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a benefit provided by their employer to protect them. Once they are injured and “in the system,” they learn that battle lines have been drawn, and that the employer is not engaged in the combat. It is you versus the insurance company.

How does an insurance company make money?

  1. Charge clients the highest premium possible (limited by competition and, in the case of workers’ compensation, by legislation)
  2. Sell to new clients (i.e. employers)
  3. Limit Payouts

The insurance company has a huge staff of well-trained, expensive professionals hired solely to find ways to pay out the least amount possible on workers’ compensation claims. They begin their quest the minute your case hits their desks.

Don’t Make It Easy For Them. . .

We live in an information age. Your history will become available to the insurance company. You can take that to the bank. Prior accidents and/or injuries can complicate a claim if not properly presented to the Judge. Failing to disclose them will annihilate it.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help you present your past experiences in the proper form, with the proper details, and at the proper time. We, at Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., are committed to protecting your rights and to safeguarding our clients by guiding them through the jungle that the insurance companies have created.

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