Instructions for Handling Medical Bills & Prescription Expenses (Accepted Claims)

  1. Have the doctor fill out a Medical Report Form
  2. Have the doctor submit the completed Medical Report Form along with his bills to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.
  3. Make sure that the doctor can document when the bills and report form were mailed from his office to the carrier.
  4. If the bills are not paid thirty (30) days after they have been properly submitted with the completed Medical Report Form, have the doctor submit his bills to us with proof that they have been properly submitted and the appropriate petitions can be filed with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to obtain payment. If it cannot be shown that thirty (30) days have elapsed since the doctor’s submission of the bills and Medical Report Form, we cannot take any legal action to obtain payment of the bills.
  5. Please attach a note to anything which you send to this office and explain what you want us to do with it.
  6. If you need additional copies of the Medical Report Form, please send us a note requesting copies and we will be happy to send them to you.
  7. If collection notices are received for any unpaid medical bill, immediately forward a copy of the notice to this office with a note requesting that a letter of protection be sent.
  8. Remember, it is unlawful for a medical provider to seek payment from an injured worker for any treatment relating to a work injury.