I Don’t Need a Lawyer for a PA Workers’ Comp Settlement Because the Judge Will Look After Me, Right?

Wrong. Very wrong. A PA Workers’ Compensation Judge does not have the power or authority to tell an injured worker worker that the settlement being offered by an insurance company is too low or is a bad idea. Thus, an injured worker can accept a settlement of $10,000 for a case worth $1,250,000.00 and the Workers’ Compensation Judge can’t disapprove it as long as the injured worker says he understands it.

The result is that many workers’ compensation cases settle for far less than they are worth since the workers’ compensation insurance company will press for the deal that suits them, not the injured worker.

A good example of this is medical coverage. WC insurance companies commonly demand “closed medical” no more medical bills being paid by the WC insurance carrier) even though the injured worker is entitled to life time medical coverage and pay no additional consideration to settle the medicals on top of an unfair settlement of the wage loss liability. There is no requirement that the adjuster tell you the truth about what your future rights and entitlements are! Most workers’ comp attorneys will review a settlement offer for free and give free legal advice whether the settlement being offered is fair and reasonable. Feel free to contact us, 24 hours a day.