How Does a Pre-Existing Injury Impact Workers’ Comp Benefits

Attorney A.J. Palutis explains how the state of Pennsylvania handles workers’ comp benefits if you have a pre-existing condition caused by a prior injury or accident.

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Video Transcription:

Hello, my name is A.J. Palutis. I am a Pennsylvania workman’s compensation attorney. Today’s question is “Can I get workman’s compensation benefits if I have a pre-existing condition?”

A pre-existing condition is any condition that you may suffer from prior to the injury that occurred at work. The answer is yes, you may receive workers’ compensation benefits if your work injury aggravates, accelerates, or exacerbates that previous work-related condition.

For example, if you have been working continuously with a low back problem, and that low back problem has bothered you for quite some time, that obviously is a pre-existing condition. If while at work, and let’s, for example, say you are lifting or pushing or pulling a very heavy object, you notice a sharp increase in the pain in your back, that may be an aggravation of your pre-existing condition and therefore, a recognizable work injury in Pennsylvania.

With respect to then treating for this aggravation of the pre-existing condition, it is always very important to be honest with your health care provider. You should inform them of your pre-existing condition. You should provide them with the information that prior to the work injury aggravating your pre-existing condition that you were capable of working, despite the previous problems that you were experiencing. If you have any further questions with respect to this subject or any other matter dealing with Pennsylvania workman’s compensation, please feel free to call me at 877-291-9675, or reach out to us on the web at