How Do I Find a Good Pa Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Make appointments for free consultations, and take a list of questions and concerns with you.

Confirm that the attorney is indeed a specialist in workers’ compensation law and so certified by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (PA).

Ask directly. Ask if the attorney takes cases in other areas of the law. Ask how many workers’ compensation cases he handles in a year.

Understand the attorney’s experience in the workers’ compensation field. . .

He may be a specialist who is starting out with your case! Experience is important for two reasons:

  • An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will be able to accurately and expeditiously assess the merit of your claim, estimate its monetary value (important in maximizing benefits), and suggest the best strategy for pursuing the case, based on prior handling of hundreds of similar cases.
  • Insurance companies are more apt to make larger settlement offers if they know that your attorney is aggressive and willing to take cases to trial.

Request references. . .

If an attorney says references are not necessary, scratch his or her name off your list. Has the attorney been selected as a Super Lawyer in the filed of workers’ compensation? Talk to former workers’ compensation clients before you move ahead. Check out the client reviews online at sites such as

Trust your instincts! Are they doing this to help you or to merely help themselves?

Do you like the attorney? Will you feel comfortable working with this person? Are they providing knowledge and explanations? Are they serving you and your family’s needs? Intent matters.

Bring your list of questions when you call in for a free consultation. We will listen to your case, advise you on its merit, and help you to receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

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