The Almost Hassle-Free Way To Collect PA Workers' Compensation Medical Bills

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If Accounts Receivables for Workers’ Compensation confuse your billing department or result in lost revenue, I have a solution….and it’s free.

“The Almost Hassle-Free Way To Collect PA Workers’ Compensation Medical Bills” details:

  • How a higher percentage of your work comp claims should be paid and paid quicker and with interest;
  • How these processes lead to less frustration and intimidation for your office billing staff;
  • How it leads to less patients distraught over their unpaid treatment bills, and;
  • How it protects your patients rights…..for which they will thank you!

This book is absolutely FREE. Just fill out the brief contact form to the right and you’ll have instant access to the PDF version and then the book and laminated chart will be mailed to your business address.