Do I Have to Go Get My MRI and Other Tests to Take to the IME Requested by the Workers’ Comp Insurance Company?

No. Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation law requires you to attend an Independent Medical Examination ( actual name: employers or defense medical examination) if requested at a “reasonable time and place.” The “rule of thumb” is once every six months and not more than 45 minute drive but this is up to each Judge.

The letter setting up an IME usually states that an injured worker must go get and bring any medical records or test results and bring them to the IME. This is simply not true. The WC Law does not say this. Just because someone tells you the moon is made of blue cheese does not mean that it is true.

You may or may not want to bring such records to an IME depending on what doctor is being used by the insurance company, the identity and reputation of the WC Judge(s) in your county of residence and other factors. This should be discussed with a WC Certified Specialist before the IME.