Dealing with an ACL Injury

An injury to a ligament in the knee can cause extreme pain and discomfort. The anterior cruciate ligament, or the ACL, is a ligament in the knee that connects the lower and upper leg bones. When this ligament becomes injured, your knee may give out, causing a loud popping noise.

An ACL injury may occur when the knee joint bends or twists in the wrong direction. These types of injuries are common in athletes, but they can also occur in a work-related accident. The most severe injury to the ACL can result in the actual separation of the ligament from the bone.

When a person injures their ACL, they may experience intense pain and may have limited movement of the knee. A mild ACL injury will require treatment that includes rest, elevation, application of cold packs, and physical therapy. In the most severe cases, a person may need surgery to correct the damage. Surgery is not needed in many cases.

If you have sustained an injury to your ACL while at work, you may be eligible for compensation from the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation provides benefits to an injured worker while they are unable to work and recovering from a work-related injury. ContactPennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney at Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., to find out how much your case is worth.