Congratulations to One of Our Scholarship Recipients

Dear Kids Chance and Calhoon and Kaminsky P.C., Trusted Answers, Peace of Mind Scholarship,

My name is Brittany and I am a senior at Penn State Altoona. I have been applying for this scholarship since my first year of college and have been lucky enough to have been granted another scholarship from your program.

Since I was awarded this scholarship, I was able to pay for a good bit of my tuition and my books that I had to buy this semester for my classes. Being that it is my 4th year in college I have been lucky enough to meet all types of people and be involved in numerous groups. I am a member of Psychology club this year and am highly involved in that with clean ups, fundraisers, and much more. I am also the vice president of Psi Chi which is an honor society for the majors of Psychology at Penn State Altoona and it is also a national honor society. I have done some other volunteer work involving bake sales and babysitting.

What I want to succeed in life is to graduate college with my degree in Psychology which I will do as planned in May of this year. I plan to apply for graduate school around my hometown and go for my masters in counseling and hopefully get a job dealing with drugs and alcohol. I want to maybe work in the school district so that I can get involved with the kids and if they have a problem at school I can be there at their disposal. In a few years after that I want to see if I am financially able to open up my own practice and involve anyone with any problems with drugs and alcohol. This would involve me going back to school, and getting my PH.D. in counseling psychology or in a therapy of my choice.

I really do have to thank the people at Kids’ Chance for all the opportunities that I have been able to do and accomplish because of the scholarship I was granted. You all have helped me out so much when it comes to school. I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you so much for the opportunities and the support.

Thanks again,

Brittany W.

Penn State Altoona