Chronic Pain Can Harm Your Brain

Many of our Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation injured workers suffer from chronic pain. This means that their pain is unrelenting and can be described as a non-stop sensation of throbbing pain. Often, this condition is the result of years of medical treatment including steroid injections, physical therapy and surgery, with no relief. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine recently conducted a study on people who suffer from chronic pain. The study revealed that people who suffer from chronic pain can also have trouble sleeping, are depressed, anxious and even have difficulty making simple decisions.

The researchers found that in a healthy brain, all regions exist in a state of equilibrium. When one region is active, the other regions quiet down and rest. But when someone has chronic pain, the brain never rests, wearing out neurons and altering the connections to each other. This constant firing of neurons can cause permanent damage. The emotional cortex “never shuts up.” The changes in the wiring of your brain can make it harder to make a decision, be in a good mood or even get up in the morning. The chronic pain from your Pennsylvania workers’ compensation injury could be producing depression and other abnormalities because it is disturbing the balance of your brain.

The article on the study can be found here: