$252,000 – Settlement for Shoulder Sprain and Cervical Disc Herniation

for a truck driver

A truck driver from Dover, PA, sustained a work injury while working for “Confidential Trucking Company in Central PA”, Inc. in June 2015. The insurance carrier, American Zurich Insurance Company, issued a Notice of Compensation Payable accepting the injury as a left shoulder / neck sprain after we had filed a Claim Petition. A Stipulation was entered into in which the carrier agreed the injury occurred and that the description of injury she should be amended to include a C6-C7 disc herniation. We later filed a Reinstatement Petition for the injured worker’s scar he sustained  to his neck due to his work injury. In November 2016, the injured workers’ doctor reported that he would likely need surgical treatment to his shoulder in the form of an arthroscopic labral repair. We then filed a Review Petition to have the description of injury amended to include left shoulder glenoid labral tear and parascapular muscle strain. While in litigation, the case ultimately settled for $252,000 via a compromise and release. Including the settlement, the injured worker received $329,247.38 in wage loss benefits and $98,854.21 in medical benefits for his work injury.