$212,000.00 Settlement for Machine Operator's Leg Injury

An employee from Central PA sustained a work injury described as a fractured right femur and crush injury to the left leg in May 2012, which the insurance carrier, American Zurich Insurance Company, accepted. We filed a Review Petition because the insurance carrier illegally suspended the injured worker’s compensation benefits. A below-knee amputation was subsequently performed. The employee continued to receive wage loss benefits while his case was being litigated. The case ultimately settled for $212,000 in wage loss and specific loss benefits via a compromise and release. Although the injured worker resolved the wage loss and specific loss benefits of his claim, his medical benefits continue to be paid by the insurance carrier. Including the settlement, the injured worker received $328,543.55 in wage loss benefits and $589,214.50 in medical benefits to date, so far, for his work injury. The lump sum settlement will allow his Social Security Disability benefits to increase.