$170,250 Settlement for Left Tibia Pilon Fracture

An employee from Conestoga, PA, working on a dairy farm for sustained a work injury described as a left tibia pilon fracture in January 2011, which the insurance carrier, Westfield National Insurance Co., accepted. When the injured worker retained us in 2013, we filed a Review Petition because the insurance carrier failed to pay the injured worker partial disability benefits due to him over a two year period of time. A Stipulation was later entered into in which the insurance carrier agreed to amend the description of injury to include “status-post left tibia open reduction-internal fixation” which the injured worker underwent in August 2013 and the insurance carrier paid the injured worker over $5,000 in partial disability benefits that were owed to him. The injured worker continued to receive temporary total disability benefits until the case ultimately settled for $170,250.00 for a full Compromise and Release.