$165,000.00 Settlement for Neck Injury

Case Study

February 1, 2016

A Union employee from Hershey, PA, working for Hershey Entertainment & Resort, sustained a work injury described as a neck strain/sprain in March 2014, which the insurance carrier, Sedgwick, accepted. The injured worker had been working light duty part-time under restrictions imposed by her doctor. We filed a Reinstatement Petition in September 2015 because the injured worker was unable to work due to her work injury and her doctor had removed her from work. We then filed a Review Petition to have the injured workers’ description of injury expanded to include the IME physician’s findings and also headaches, restrictions of the esophagus, a cervical scar, dysphagia and brain injury causing cognitive problems. The case ultimately settled for $165,000 via a compromise and release agreement.