Should the U.S. Government Wiretap the Internet?

The Obama administration plans to introduce a bill that requires all services that enable communications, such as email, social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace) and peer to peer messaging services (Skype), to comply with a wiretap order, including intercepting and unscrambling encrypted messages. Such a bill raises concerns over our security needs versus privacy protection.  Government officials maintain such steps are necessary to protect the public safety and national security, as current technology poses a challenge to the government’s ability to conduct surveillance. If the bill is passed, it would require communication services, peer-to-peer communications and other designated providers to redevelop their services to allow interception and unscrambling of data. Advocates against the bill argue that the interception capability for the government could actually allow hackers to take advantage of the wiretap functions. How will this bill affect injured workers? Is such a bill necessary for national security versus the loss of privacy?