Proposed Restrictions on Prescription Medications to Treat Work Injuries

Right now, injured workers’ and their families are being targeted in the Pennsylvania Legislature!

The Pennsylvania Senate is considering House Bill 1846, which eliminates the ability of Pennsylvania physicians to personally dispense medication to their patients under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation system. This is being presented to the Senate to try to protect insurance companies’ profits; all at the expense of the injured worker. Too many Pennsylvania injured workers have had their Pennsylvania workers’ compensation claims held up by the greedy insurance company who tries to avoid taking responsibility for paying claims. This includes delays in getting medication from a pharmacy or even denying the claim which forces the Pennsylvania injured worker to pay out of pocket for medications that should be covered under the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system.

There is an urgent need for both physicians and injured workers to fight back. Do not let the greedy insurance companies come between patients and their physicians. Call or write to your Pennsylvania state senators today. Tell them to vote NO to HB 1846. It’s your Doctor, your Medication and your Health!