Pennsylvania State Store Manager Robbed at Gunpoint, Awarded PA Workers’ Comp Benefits

In April 2008, a Pennsylvania state store manager, Gregory Kochnowicz was robbed by a masked man who put a gun to Gregory’s head and then duck tapped him to the chair. Kochnowicz was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and was unable to work since that robbery. He filed for Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. In Pennsylvania, in order to be awarded workers’ compensation benefits for a mental disability, the claimant must prove that an abnormal work condition caused the psychological injury. In this case, the Defendant argued that this was a normal work condition for a state store employee. They stated that there were 99 robberies in the Philadelphia area in state stores from 2002-2008 and that state store employees are trained on how to respond to robberies. After several years of litigation and appeals, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently decided that Mr. Kochnowicz was entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits due to an abnormal work condition.