New Federal Rules Help Speed Up Social Security Disability Approvals

Effective November 12, 2010, new rules by the Social Security Administration will enable individuals with severe disabilities to quickly have their Social Security Disability claims processed, in a matter of days. These new rules are the Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowance (CAL), which allows the administration to process claims without medical or psychological consult approval. Currently, 88 specific diseases are covered under the new rules, which allows claims with obvious, serious needs to be attended to in a timely manner, thereby reducing the number of Social Security claims backlogged in the system.

QDD allows a claim to be run through a computer model of approved Social Security Disability scenarios, which identify individuals showing a high likelihood of disability.

CAL covers 88 diseases or conditions that the Social Security Administration has stated clearly qualify for Social Security Disability.

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Source: The Social Security Administration