Family Awarded $3 Million Against Fracking Drilling Company

Fracking may be a fairly new concept to Pennsylvania, but a court in Texas has handed down a landmark decision involving an injured family due to Fracking. A middle-class family was awarded almost $3,000,000 (three million) against a big natural gas company. The suit arose out of complaints that the drilling site caused years of sickness, killed pets and livestock, and forced them out of their home. This large verdict is thought to be the first of its kind in the nation. The gas company, Aruba Petroleum continues to contend that they did nothing wrong that they followed safe and legal guidelines.

Environmentalists are happy with this decision, and continue to warn of the potential dangers of living close to these drilling sites as well as working on a site. In Pennsylvania, these fracking sites are growing in numbers and Pennsylvania workers are being injured on these sites. If you are a Pennsylvania worker who has been injured while working on a drilling site in Pennsylvania, you should contact a qualified, competent and ethical Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney right away to protest your rights.